One-off Cleaning

Our one-off cleaning service is suitable for all customers who do not require cleaning on regular basis. AL Home Cleaning offers experienced and reliable cleaners to deal with your personal needs. We require a minimum of 3 hours per visit for a one-off cleaning. AL Home Cleaning will provide trustworthy and experienced cleaners to complete the tasks around your home. Apart from cleaning we also offer an excellent ironing service. Our standard is on the highest level. More than 95% of the customers used our services ask us back again.

Usual tasks of a one-off cleaning:

  • bathroom and toilet cleaning – hoover and mop the floor, clean, descale and disinfect bath, sinks, toilet, tiles and fixtures
  • bedrooms, hallways, common areas - dust and polish all surfaces, hoover and mop the floor
  • kitchen - scrub-down of all appliances, fixtures and furnishings.

One off cleaning is an hourly-based service, which means that you choose the amount of time, depending on your exact needs and the condition of the property. If you wish you can show our cleaners the tasks you would like them to focus on and they will adhere to your requirements.

All our cleaners are trained, insured, vetted and highly motivated.

We can send a professional cleaner to your home on a date and time that suits your personal schedule. You can book a visit from one of our expert cleaners or team of cleaners for any day of the week. You can even book a same day appointment.

Please find the price list for our services.

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