Carpet Cleaning

Your carpets are expensive to replace. To maximise their lifespan and condition, regular cleaning is essential. AL Home Cleaning offer cost-effective carpet cleaning services for both commercial and residential properties. We use some of the best and most effective carpet care products from PROCHEM and similar brands.

We also offer several eco-friendly products which have a lower environmental impact and carbon footprint than their traditional counterparts. Whilst these products are effective, they are not always well suited to heavily soiled carpets. None of the products we use give off any harmful vapours or leave dangerous residues. Most of the chemicals we use are just detergents which have been specially formulated for use on carpets: they are no more harmful than other household detergents that you may find in your home.

All of our carpet cleaning staff have either completed an NACC (National Association of Carpet Cleaners) approved training course, or they have attained an equivalent standard through a minimum of 12 months’ professional experience.

Key features and benefits of our Carpet Cleaning services include:

  • Typical drying times of 2-4 hours for most carpet types, minimising the inconvenience caused by cleaning
  • A choice of deep Hot Water Extraction carpet cleaning or low moisture (almost dry) methods, to maximise effectiveness and convenience.
  • Special optional treatments, including stain-guard, carpet deodoriser, eco-friendly, anti-bacterial and anti-static treatments
  • Superior cleaning chemicals, minimising residue and re-soiling, helping to keep your carpets cleaner for longer
  • Large or very small jobs, including stains or spot treatments
  • Excellent value for money on all carpet cleaning
  • Insurance work/quotations

We offer plenty of choice - very flexible service availability, includes daytime, evenings, overnight, early morning and weekends appointments at no extra cost!

Please find the price list for our services.

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